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Défi Course 21

Samedi le 9 février 2019 dernier avait lieu la Course Défi 21 aux profits de l'Association de Parents d'Enfant Trisomique 21 de Lanaudière sous la présidence d'honneur de Marie Claude Reimann. Quelle belle journée et à l'année prochaine. Merci beaucoup pour votre générosité.

Course21 07

Physio Extra

Physio Extra is renewing its commitment to the Complexe and to our social mission to support the dreams of Montcalm's young people, through a partnership that will be in effect for the next five years!We would like to thank Physio Extra and Simon Tremblay, Cinical Director and head of the Sports section, for his tremendous efforts in bringing this agreement to a successful conclusion.

Physi Renouvellement 2

Complexe Golf Tournament

316 participants in this 5th edition raised $65,000 for the Complexe's mission. More than $180,000 has been raised since 2014.

Golf Raw 450

Giving a Stage to the Circus

Cirrus Cirkus, a troop composed of Montcalm RCM students, were able to put on a show for the public thanks to a partnership with the Complexe.

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Supporting Youth Programs

Nearly $50,000 worth of services were donated, benefiting the Ulysse, École secondaire de l’Achigan and Rythmiks Lanaudière sports programs.

Mission Ph3 2

Benefit Shows

During the year, the Complexe presented shows in benefit of Fondation maman Dion, Centraide Lanaudière and Fondation de l’Hôpital Le Gardeur.

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Carrefour jeunesse emploi de Montcalm

The Complexe is proud to support academic perseverance and the autonomy of the youth of the Carrefour jeunesse emploi by offering immersion internships.

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